In thIs collectIon of adventure stories and restored period photos, authors Paul Andrew Mayewski and Michael Cope Morrison tell their personal experiences going to some of the Earth’s most remote and challenging places, the scientific discoveries they made there, and the journey that they, and the scientific community, made from a “gradualist” viewpoint—thinking that humanity was an inconsequential observer in a slowly changing climate—to the realization that we are deeply and irrevocably involved in the short- and long-term fate of a temperamental climate capable of dramatic changes in a matter of only a few years. They also tell of discovering the worldwide reach of industrial emissions; their effects on climate, civilizations, ecosystems, and our individual quality of life; the remarkable success of the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocols; and how some of the effects can clear up in weeks or months—and others only over centuries.

Journey Into Climate

The adventure and excitement behind climate research in the polar regions and the world’s high mountains.

Adventure, The Golden Age of Climate Research, and the Unmasking of Human Innocence

Remarkable Stories. Remarkable Photos.

A Remarkable Period In Human History. Told By Those Who Were There.

Paul Andrew Mayewski, Director of The Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, is an internationally acclaimed climate scientist and explorer who has led more than 50 expeditions throughout Earth’s remotest regions.  He has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, PBS NOVA, ABC Good Morning America, BBC, Fox News, and NPR Fresh Air and Diane Rehm Show.

Michael Cope Morrison was the Scientific Coordinator for the Greenland Ice Sheet Project Two, and is a team member on other expeditions.

Paul Andrew Mayewski

Michael Cope Morrison

Children in the Punjab

Ice drilling, Ladakh Himalayas

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